We build confidence in the services offered by our clinic through price transparency, and our works estimate is the best and right way to find the kind of individualized treatment and costs.

Costs are estimated, for a detailed assessment please visit our cabinet. The final price is based on the treatment plan for each individual patient.

Consultation and diagnosis

Primary consultation + Treatment plan (estimate)

15 EUR


Caries treatment (including temporary teeth)

25 - 65 EUR


Uniradicular endodontic treatment

100 EUR

Pluriradicular endodontic treatment

120 - 185 EUR

Classic endodontic treatment

55 EUR


Simple extraction of monoradicular

from 25 EUR

Simple extraction of pluriradicular

35 - 55 EUR

Atipical extraction

65 - 110 EUR


25 EUR

Apical resection

65 - 90 EUR

Sinus lifting

from 485 EUR

Bone addition

485 EUR


Dental implant (Alpha Bio)

300 EUR

Dental implant (Megagen)

410 EUR

Dental implant (Bredent)

505 EUR



45 - 55 EUR

Total esthetic porcelain-metal crown (per element)

120 EUR

Total esthetic zirconia crown –CAD/CAM technique (per element)

260 EUR

Total esthetic full porcelain crown (per element)

260 EUR

Crown on implants-including implant abutment (per element)

140 EUR

Zircon crown on implant (per element)

260 EUR

Gums trainers

25 EUR

Mobile prosthesis (acrylic / elastic)

260 - 430 EUR

Mobile skeleton prosthesis

390 EUR

Kemeny mask

45 - 55 EUR


Scaling + Professional cleaning

35 EUR

Professional hygiene (air flow, scaling, brushing, fluoridation)

55 EUR

Cosmetic dentistry

Whitening (bleaching trays at home)

155 EUR

Professional whitening treatment in cabinet

260 EUR

Applying jewelery

35 EUR

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