About Us
Over 20 years of experience

The first Stomalux clinic bearing the original name of Stoma, was established in 1996 nearby Hala Centrala, Iasi. With a team of dentists with an experience of over 20 years, the dental clinic has grown rapidly.

Since 2008, the clinic has expanded, with a new dental clinic supplied with modern equipment in Podul de Piatra (Iasi). The name was changed in Stomalux to better reflect the approach of the dental clinic treatments - modern technology for a brighter smile!

All types of treatments

Stomalux dental clinic offers all types of dental treatments, from a simple filling and finishing with implantology, porcelain prosthetic works and even innovative technologies: zirconia works (elitist material in making dental crowns).

The dental treatments performed by Stomalux receive warranty * - between 1 and 3 years for all dental maneuvers. * Warranty periods vary depending on dental treatment.

Flexible payment methods

Financial difficulties often prevent people needing dental treatment to seek the quality dental services that they want.

Stomalux is different from the other dental clinics through both medical experience, passion for serving patients and also through the pricing policy: our patients choose their treatment plan and method of payment depending on financial possibilities.

Warranty for dental works

As you, our customer, are the most important for us, we guarantee fixed and mobile dental work, and also implants.
The services that we offer are high quality for you to always enjoy a healthy smile.

We guarantee for the dental works made entirely in our dental clinic (between 1 and 5 years for all dental maneuvers). In the event of a defect in the dental work done together with our dental laboratory, the warranty shall only be required for the works (treatments) performed within Stomalux.

Warranty periods vary depending on the dental treatment. The guarantee is given if the patient presents himself to control periodically every 6 months. The warranty period is not the same with the operation period, as the latter may be much longer.

Terms and conditions

The warranty for works and/or dental treatments can be withdrawn in the following cases:

  • inadequate oral hygiene
  • failure to comply with the dentist instructions (example: some complete dentures can not be worn at night)
  • prevention and failure to come to a control every 6 months
  • mobile dental works, such as partial or complete dentures are not kept and maintained properly, using specific products
  • the patient has a disease that can affect the work/dental treatment (eg: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-chemotherapy states have negative effects on teeth)
  • dental works are not maintained properly and show signs of damage due to external causes: accidents, strokes, falls.

  • Important! Temporary dentures are nonwarranted.

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